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Cori GPU Nodes

In 2018, 18 new nodes were added to the Cori system. These nodes contain several GPU accelerators each, and are designed to facilitate GPU porting, benchmarking, and testing efforts of NESAP codes running at NERSC, in preparation for the Perlmutter supercomputer to be deployed at NERSC in 2020.

Information about accessing and using the Cori GPU nodes is provided through the menu on the left side of this page.

Cori GPU nodes are not a production resource

The GPU nodes on Cori are a limited resource. They are intended to be used for GPU development. They are not intended for general purpose production usage. The nodes may be taken offline, rebooted, modified, etc., without notice. Your jobs may be killed, and you may be logged off the nodes at any time without notice.

Where to get Help

If you have issues with using the Cori GPU nodes, or if you have requests for changes or enhancements, NERSC would like to know. You can find help in two places:

  • this website
  • file a ticket in the NERSC help desk under the "Resource" category "Cori GPU"